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Called From Darkness

About This Collection

Called From Darkness is a five-part documentary series that explores the spiritual dimensions of addiction recovery with an emphasis on finding community and recovering one’s own meaning and purpose. 

Produced by Paul Steinbroner and David Okimoto of TouchPoint Productions, Inc., specializes in producing inspirational films to help strengthen and build communities addressing addiction and homelessness, often intertwined, as social and spiritual crises. 

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Soul Sanctuary (Trailer)

At a synagogue in West Los Angeles there is a treatment center that approaches addiction as a spiritual malady, Beit T’Shuvah is a residential addiction treatment center that saves lives through a comprehensive program of Jewish spirituality, psychotherapy, and the 12-Steps in a caring, community setting. Harriet Rossetto, the founder, has discovered joy in her mission, “People come in hopeless and filled with self-hatred. Our goal is to offer them a sense of belonging in which they will find their own meaning and purpose.” Miracles happen here. 

This is a miracle and it happens here because this is a sanctuary that provides healing and the potential for transformation. 

As Rabbi Mark Borovitz puts it, “t'suvah is a Jewish concept that is a daily accounting of my soul...Addiction is driven by perfectionism, so now I don't always get it right but I have a way back through t’suvah." 

Produced by David Okimoto and Paul Steinbroner, Producer and Director.  

EarthSayers Rabbi Mark Borovitz; Harriet Rossetto

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