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Healthy and local is the focus of this special collection around the people who grow and bring organic food to local markets and the people who shop at these markets. Topics also include how farmers grow organic food and the quality of our food supply around issues to include local economy, seeding, use of pestisides and fertilisers, water, food security, availability and pricing.

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The Future of (Sustainable) Agriculture:1/2:Fred Kirschenmann

Fred Kirschenmann, Distinguished Fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture talks about how being organic doesn't automatically mean you are in the camp of sustainability. Greening up what you are doing isn't going far enough and move from concept of steady state to resiliency. We have been drawing upon natures reserves of stored energy (hydrocarbons) and water resources at unsustainable rates, and those finite resources are diminishing rapidly; technology alone, will not provide substitute solutions.

Fred Kirschenmann is a long-time leader in the sustainable agriculture movement, Distinguished Fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, and a third-generation farmer (an organic farmer himself).  A record from his talk at the Organicology conference in Portland, Oregon. 

EarthSayer Fred Kirschenmann

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